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Tall Tree Theatre are associate artist at Forest Forge Theatre Company and work closely alongside The Old School Nursery to create quality and engaging shows that are available to tour to Theatres, Art Centres and rural locations

Original and heartfelt stories brought to life through playful performance, live music and bold puppetry

‘SOMETIMES you come across a show that is perfect. It is very rare, but Tall Tree’s debut production, Shackleton, is a little treasure.’

— Fine Times Recorder

about Shackleton

’Just fabulous, a coherent, moving and lasting story-well acted and beautifully told’

— Audience member

about Lily & the Albatross

‘A smooth, seamless show bursting with creativity. ....every face gazed at the performance, utterly spellbound.’

— The Bath and Wiltshire Parent

about Shackleton

Here's our message of solidarity to all of the village halls, their promoters, organiser & communitites

Created for Artsreach in July 2020

We'll be back out on the road as soon as we can!


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Check out our previous show, which toured from 2018-2020

Lily & the Albatross