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Bird Spotters

Cuckoo and Swanny are avid bird spotters, total eggsperts. They love nothing more than wandering about looking for new species and talking pasisonately about their life's work. Cuckoo knows all about eggs (and has quite the collection) and Swanny performs bird songs and calls with her many instruments but there's something a little magical, maybe even fanciful about some of their facts.


This completely interactive walkabout show invites the audience to chat wildlife, share facts, see some interesting eggs up close and flick through Cuckoo's sketch book of very (very) rare birds.


With imaginations taking over, the audience come up with new birds, sketch imagined ones and sing along to Cuckoo and Swanny's songs.


Bird Spotters is about the joy of looking up, listening and letting your imagination spread it's wings.

Street Theatre

Tall Tree Theatre, Great Wishford Woodland show (2
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