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Lily & the Albatross


Far out in the wild and remote ocean is a small family on an old fishing boat who pass the time with exciting stories and merry music. The whims of the water control their daily routine but Lily finds herself gazing upwards, where birds swim weightlessly above her head before stealing the precious fish from the fishing nets. With the threat of the nightly storm and its whipping winds, the family must pull together, take a leap of faith and look beyond what they have always known to get themselves and their old boat moving again. Discover the legend of Great Captain Markham, join the family as they battle the elements and meet a gliding albatross, who flies in the face of the storm and gives Lily the nudge she needs to truly stretch her wings.


A tale of wild weather, wild birds and wild ambitions for ages 5+


Directed by Lucy Phillips of Forest Forge Theatre

Written by Anna Harriott

Puppet & Set Design by Orpheus Alexander

Performed by Anna Harriott, Vix Hobbs and Chris Talman


Combining their unique style of puppetry, live music and visual performance, Tall Tree makes theatre that touches the hearts of both adults and children. With large wooden and metal puppets, live music and stories that speak to all generations, Lily & the Albatross is a heartfelt tale about achieving the unachievable and never letting go of your childhood dreams.


Tall Tree worked alongside Odstock Day Nursery to create an engaging and exciting adaptation of their show for early years called

Lily & the Baby Bird

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Lily & the Albatross - Beryl's flight