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A heartfelt story about being adventurous, exploring the big wide world and always returning to that special place called home.


What do you buy an adventurous Grandma who travels the world collecting stories and trinkets? How do you surprise someone who's been everywhere and seen everything? Candles, cook books, cushions, you name it Grandma's been given it and she's impossible to surprise....until now!    


Join a musical family on a mission to make this Gran's best birthday yet. See an unlikely friendship blossom between a big cat and a loving Gran, united by their wild hearts and free spirits. When Grandma's travels take them to new and exciting lands she sees a familiar spark in her new friend and knows what she must do, for home is home and when you truly love someone you sometimes have to let them go.


Join Tall Tree Theatre for this brand new touring show full of live music, heartfelt storytelling and stunning puppetry. A fun show for all the family to enjoy and one that answers the age old question: how do you wrap a lion?


Happy Birthday Grandma! (we got you a lion) will be touring in 2022

Happy Birthday Grandma! (we got you a lion)

Happy Birthday Grandma (I got you a lion) by Tall