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Early Years

Shack at nursery (4)

'So much thanks to Tall Tree Theatre, they were engrossed from the very first song. It was brilliant!'

— Nursery Manager

“He ate the sausages and made me laugh”

—  Ianto age 3

“He chased the cat ha ha ha”

— Tom aged 3

‘We absolutely LOVED it, thank you so much, we have all been highly recommending it’

— Nursery Manager

Shackleton's Adventure

Tall Tree work in partnership with Odstock Day Nursery to create engaging and age appropriate adaptations of their shows for an early years audience. These shows tour alongside main productions and can be booked by theatres, art centres, schools and nurseries.


'Child centred and catchy songs bind the performance together. '

-Nursery Manager

“ I loved the bird when it sat on my hair, I could feel it”

-early years audience member

“we love the singing  and the dancing”

- early years audience member

Lily & the Baby Bird images  (2) Lily & the Baby Bird images  (1)

Lily & the Baby Albatross