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Carol's Christmas

Carol has a very important job. The second most important job at Christmas, after Santa Claus himself.

Think of her as Postman Pat's cool aunt.


Will she make it down her beloved street before Christmas Day, delivering the carefully wrapped, christmassy post! Join her as she's side-tracked, distracted and interrupted by the array of magical characters that live behind the doors.


The final house on her round, her own, never a letter for Carol. Never a parcel either but things are about to change. When one magical, Christmas morning leaves her asking if Santa got her letter after all?


Join Tall Tree Theatre for this feel good show full of music and puppetry.


A celebration of community, of Christmas wishes, of Key Workers and of Carol; the fun, helpful postie who deserves some Christmas magic to come her way.


Carol's Christmas will tour from Dec 2021

Carol's Christmas by Tall Tree Theatre

A fun, musical show for all the family